About Us

Your probably wondering what is K Diamond Lashes all about. Let us start with this, we focus on complimenting every eye shape and size. Some may have experienced a time where their lash band was too short. Some may have experienced a pair of lashes giving a shadow effect, covering their eyes. All of us have experienced the struggles on just getting the lashes on! Am I right? If you experienced any of the sort, WE GET IT! Our lashes are designed for easier application providing a thicker and longer lash band. We also provide many lash styles to choose from. Did we mention that our lashes are reusable up to fifteen times? We are all about making your lash struggles disappear! 

"I feel like the process of make up is my therapy. Being a self taught MUA, I've always been fascinated with all aspects of cosmetology. But the one thing that really stood out to me were the lashes. From natural to dramatic lashes, my looks were not complete without them. I love how lashes come in different lengths, patterns and textures. I wanted to create my K Diamond Lashes to express myself. Lashes can make me feel like the prettiest chick to the baddest bitch. From the packaging, to the names and styles of each lash, I wanted to express myself through my product, and I want everyone who wears a pair, to receive that vibe."


The Founder of K Diamond Lashes


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